Portrait: Johnny ‘The Gear’ Geere
by Robert Hannaford


Johnny Geere

Words from Max Ward, a comrade and friend.

Back in the good days…A lot more parties then. Not now. Breathalyze you, before you come on board. Very strict.

Years ago, you might walk in and have a bong. Drink up top. Bong down with us. Narcotics, had to get it out of your system. You could buy a false penis, bring it with you, piss out of it.

It was everywhere back then. Parties on board. Pick up some Wyalla Divorcees, drop ’em off next port – say Burnie. Fly them home. Pick up some Burnie Belles. Sometime you’d be called on deck to let the ship go, middle of a party, in your undies. Good times.

They looked after you back then. Say you lost a leg in a workplace accident, they kept you on. A peggy – peg leg, would work around the kitchen, easier job, but they looked after you. Now, pay you off. Gone.

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