Portrait: Rachel Crevatin-Gunn
by Robert Hannaford


Rachel Crevatin-Gunn

Growing up on Tasmania’s north west coast, Rachel had a unique childhood to say the least. By age 8 her father built a boat from scratch, packed up the family and they set off on an adventure around the world.
Their journey lasted for 11 years.

Stopping for bouts of schooling (and work when required), Rachel had countless adventures and saw many amazing things around the world. If you come and see the Blue Angel show, you can ask her all about it.
When they finally returned to Tasmania, Rachel – having not had ‘traditional’ schooling, had to study hard to be able to enter Maritime College. Achieving her dream, she went on to thrive in the shipping industry. One of her former captains has said; I had a lot of time for Rachel, she was an excellent Officer and a good friend.”

Rachel met her husband on ship and only left the industry when it was time to raise a family. Now raising three beautiful kids, Rachel still has dreams about the sea, of being torn between her family and her ship.

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