Portrait Sitter: Peter Hegney
by Michael Peck


The Seafarer – An excerpt

Night-shadows neared,
Snow from the north,
Rime bound the land,
Hail fell on earth,
Coldest of crops.
Now are they troubled,
The thoughts of my heart,
That I on high streams
With salt-surge
Should strive –
Mind-lust urging
In every moment,
That spirit fare onward,
Seeking afar
The fastness
Of foreign folk.

For there’s none so proud-minded
No man on this earth,
Nor so generous of goods,
Nor so bold in his youth,
Nor so dread in his deeds,
Nor so dear to his Lord,
That he in sea-faring
Has never a care
As to what Fate
May will for him.
Not for him harp-hearing,
Nor worldly glory,
Nor ever aught else
Lest it be wash of the wave;
But he ever has longing,
Who strives on the sea.

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